Modern Australian Cuisine: China Doll

NB: ‘Modern Australian’, a term coined in the 80’s, describes the cuisine of immigrant settlers to Australia and the fusion of tastes that followed. Not to be confused with ‘Australian cuisine’ which refers to the unique hunter-gatherer – “bush tucker” diet indigenous Australians developed over 40,000–60,000 years, from regional Australian flora and fauna.
Now that’s clear, let’s begin…

China Doll does upmarket modern Australia cuisine – Asian style – with a twist. On the Woolloomooloo wharf on the fancy side of town, this is a place for people watching and where the rich and famous come to dine…

You know you’re in an upmarket restaurant when you go to the bathroom to find a gaggle of fresh faced 20 year olds snorting coke off the bathroom sink…but I diverge…back to the food

The produce was fresh…fresh as my bathroom companions…

Peking Duck pancakes: Duck breast in precisely cut and equal proportions arrive…. Unlike Peking duck in Chinatown, it wasn’t cut in front of us, there was no warm dripping duck fat (a good thing) and five spice infused crispy skin (also a good thing), and the duck bill, head, eyes and hanging carcasses are nowhere in sight (6 pancakes did cost the equivalent of 2 whole crispy ducks from the BBQ King)

Rhubarb & Coconut Daiquiri

havana club white rum, coconut, rhubarb, lime

It’s pink, very pink and tart if you like that kind of thing…and definitely NOT for the sweet tooth

BEST DISH – Eggplant & Tofu with Sichuan chilli bean paste:
Asian oriental eggplant with its bitter aftertaste is perfect with chilli and fried silken tofu

Crepe wrapped blood orange pudding with coconut rice bubbles…layers of crunchy sweet coconut/rice bubble brittle, homemade vanilla bean icecream and crepe wrapped tart orange pudding. The pomegranate jewels and lemon jelly cubes provide much needed relief from the heavy cream layers…don’t leave without tasting this one 

Cocktails anyone?

Walnut & Anejo Blaze

Warmed los azulejos anejo tequila infused with cinnamon, chocolate bitters, roasted walnut