About 20% of Sydney’s 4.5 million residents are Asian, contributing to the city’s vibrant Asian dining scene. With a multitude of options, Sydney siders can walk between Chinatown, Thai-town and Malay-town in making the difficult decision on where to eat

The gateway to Chinatown Sydney (though this could be any ‘Chinatown’ in the world)

On any Saturday and Sunday between 11-3pm you’ll find rolling trolleys of chicken feet, pork ribs, glutinous sticky buns, crispy duck and flaky egg tarts in dozens of restaurants across the Sydney….take your pick from vegan (Bhoudi restaurant), seafood (East Ocean restaurant) or established Yum Cha stalwarts like Marigold’s (apparently Noel Gallagher’s all time favourite Yum Cha restaurant in the world!)

Restaurant ‘Eight’ – hidden away on the top floor of Market City, Sydney – doesn’t have all the formality of tuxedoed waiters (Marigold) or female staff in traditional figure hugging ‘cheongsam’ (Crystal Palace) or over the top film set decor and indoor waterfalls (Dynasty Chinese Restaurant). To tell you the truth it was standard Yum Cha fare…and by 12.30pm throngs of crowds had appeared elbowing their way past the food trolleys (a good sign)

RULES FOR YUM CHA: there are a few golden rules to make your experience memorable…

Rule 1. Bring friends – bring as many people as possible with the aim of taste testing as many glutinous goodies as possible and prolonging the experience

Rule 2. Don’t eat breakfast – to truly enjoy the Yum Cha adventure, pace yourself, forget breakfast, it’s a waste of stomach space

Rule 3. Get there early (11am) – I know what you’re thinking, no breakfast until 11am!? Your mind needs to be stronger than your body, learn to be a Yum Cha Zen master, I guarantee it’s worth the wait

Rule 4. Don’t Yum Cha with picky eaters – dine with friends who have the same sized stomach as you, are adventurous and enjoy the ritual of ‘breaking bread’ together. Remove friends from your life that are pertetually on a diet, life’s too short for eating rabbit food

Rule 5. Eat your greens – its not like eating steamed broccoli, Asian greens are quickly blanched, fried in garlic and oil and packed full of flavour (and probably MSG which is why they taste so good)…fresh Asian greens will help cut through all the fried and glutinous dishes you’re going to eat

Choi Sum & spicy green beans 

Rule 6. Eat with loved ones – ‘Restaurant Eight’ was OK, the hustle and bustle of an inner city restaurant added extra excitement to the event but it was the joy of eating with loved ones (who you’d be willing to give up the last ‘Ha Gow’ for) catching up on lost time and sharing challenges and banality of everyday life that make the Yum Cha experience all the more delicious…

Yes the dumplings were warm, thin skinned, wrapped and packed with flavour and if we had to decide on a BEST DISH? the scallop, prawn & fish roe dumplings

…though I wouldn’t say no to the soft shell deep fried crab!

And once you’re done and ready to roll out the door, sides splitting from having ‘just one more’…stretch your stomach muscles and legs for a short walk to Thai-town to pick n pack coconut, pandan and sticky rice desserts…

Dena: 2.5 stars for ‘Restaurant 8’ & 5 stars for the company



2 thoughts on “Yum Cha Rules 

  1. thanks Dena, was awesome to share lunch with you. I agree about the scallop and fish roe being choice broe but chickens feet surprisingly yummy also!

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