Wa Japanese Restaurant Cafe

Is it a restaurant? Is it a cafe? Or is ‘restaurant cafe’ a cultural translation issue? Who knows and who cares when Wa Japanese Restaurant Cafe cook soba noodle miso soup to perfection!

Wa’s a teeny little place in Bondi Junction with no more than 10 tables (most of which are reserved both weekend and week nights) and as of May 2016 is my favourite Japanese noodle place….

On first discovering Wa I rode my bike there one to two times a week for a month for the vegetarian (with fish stock) miso soup and Matcha tea soba noodles.

The flavours are subtle with saffron threads, roasted (black and white) sesame, ground chilli, finely shredded shallots and Dashi (who knows why the chef thought raw onion chunks were a good idea to throw into the mix today – actually that’s minus 1 star for lack of appreciation of delicate flavours)

You can ‘mix n match’: choose miso or soya bean base; spicy or mild; soba or udon; beef, chicken or vegetarian. I’ve only had vegetarian and while I don’t have an aversion to any particular vegetable, I’ve never understood why people eat baby carrots when the core is so hard and stringy. It’s probably the ‘cuteness’ factor that  fits well with Japanese aesthetics and cultural sensibility.  With plenty of baby carrots and cabbage (red & white) this is a sweet miso soup

Only 10 minutes walk from Centennial Park it’s a convenient place to pick up picnic food for lunch in the park (if you don’t mind plastic containers left in the aftermath…it’s an ethical trade off).

NOTE: If you like your savouries sweet, try the Deepfried Eggplant, not my favourite but from a reputable, sweet-toothed source, it’s the bomb

Dena: 4 stars (minus 1 star for the raw onions)


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