The Bennelong: Cured and Cultured

The Bennelong restaurant at the iconic Sydney Opera House is a perfect place for an upmarket birthday surprise…

There are a number of potential seating arrangements, including at the bar, ‘the circle’ (scanning the dress circle brings to mind upmarket thoroughbreds at an equestrian event) or casual bar stools with a birds eye view of chefs preparing ‘raw, cured and cultured produce’ for counter service.

The harbour views were magnificent but more interesting was the view of the chefs preparing our meals…

Carrots on carrots on carrots (otherwise known as salad of organic carrots, sherry caramel, almonds and sheep’s milk 

if emotions were palatable this dish would taste like the happiness you feel at the beginning of spring in high definition colour

For non vegos the red claw yabbies with lemon jam, cultured cream and buckwheat pancakes (particularly light and unbuckwheat-like!) is a must…

A delightfully surprising drink for this non-alcoholic punter was the honey thyme kombucha (made especially for Bennelong) unexpectedly floral with more highs than lows..served in cut crystal with a slice of dehydrated lime made me feel like a real (alcohol drinking) grown up

‘Chocolate cake from across the water’ (yes that is the name of the dessert…) was 7  layers of textured chocolate. This was an Australian Masterchef challenge some time ago…(along with Gilmore’s signature ‘snow egg’)

It looks inconspicuous but don’t even think of trying this one on your own…

WARNING: A little something to note: try and sit upwind of the hot plate and you won’t be subjected to burnt butter smoke in your eyes


Jo (in absentia): 3 stars (based on photos only. Open to revising rating with future actual tasting).


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