Din Tai Fung (World Square, Sydney)

Din Tai Fung Review 

Shanghai Drunken Chicken & Vegetarian Delight: All the elements you need for a perfectly balanced cold starter  – seaweed & tofu & rice wine & poultry.


Number of dishes required = 3 * p

p = number of people: p  = 2

number of dishes required = 3 * 2 = 6

BEST DISH: Spicy Pork and Vegetarian dumplings

NB: when dining with reformed engineers be ready to include equations in blogposts

Added value is you get up and close to the craft of dumpling making…and the precision of perfectly weighed, wrapped and presented dumplings

More steam than the Hilton gym sauna: please give us free membership…

Jo: I’ve got something to say about dessert…If you think high-carbohydrate root vegetables are boring, think again. This is tasty mauve magic (taro-based), I actually think this is the best dish.

Dena: I’ve got something else to say about that…for gluten free, dairy free, vegans with food intolerances this is a nightmare dish (she says blowing her nose…)

Jo: I wondered where all the serviettes went…


Din Tai Fung are a chain that started in Taiwan. While they weren’t the first dumpling place in Sydney, they were novel and ahead of their time. There are other great dumpling places in Sydney. Chinese Noodle House (Fake Grapes) in China town have been around for over 2 decades, have a shorter menu of rustic dumplings (Jo: excellent lamb and cumin pot stickers), but few vegetarian dishes – though you have to try the Sichuan eggplant dish.

Jo: 4 stars

Dena: 3.5 stars


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